TR Project Page 3
 The other pieces of my controls are shown to the right, note that the elevator/fuelshutoff bellcrank is keyed, the main bellcrank is also, these items will be glued together as it's installed into the wing, total weight of what is pictured is 4 gm.
  The controls are installed into the wing, making sure it moves freely. The finished weight, all up with 7 gm tip weight came out to 90 gm.
  The picture below is the wing fixture I've decided to use. After seeing several sights and their methods for the crutch attachment, I decides to take a machinest perspective and started with a blanchard ground plate and machined up the clamps, ground the bottoms, with a groove located .275" up the side. The plate has the engine mounting pattern drilled into the plate to screw on the crutch. The plate is also scribed with one inch square quaderent lines to facilitate alignment.