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@ Ya Hoo Controlline Flying Forum  Site has regular voice chat sessions on Sunday evenings at 7:30 pm Pacific time ( sometimes on Sat. too )  so, remember to bring your mics and join in on real conversation. Racers, sport fliers, carrier, and stunt grunts visit often.
@ Speed on Delphi Forums  An informative site for those who ' feel the need for speed'
@ Cl Racing on Delphi Forums  For people who need some company while they fly
@ Cl Racing on Egroups  Most of the international  FAI competitors use this site for posting their opinions about their event.
@ Egroups Cl Fliers  Fridays at 7:30 pm Pacific time seems to be the regular time for combat types, stunt and sport.
@ Combat  The site for battling it out in the circle. FAI and AMA combat buffs hang out and these guys will answer all your questions.
@ CL Fliers  General site for controlliners
@ Windy Urtnowski's Site  Enter the 'Club Lounge' icon at the top of the page, for you stunt grunts.
@ RC Online  A controlline forum along with others such as an engine clinic.
@  The Flightlines Forum Here you'll find it all, CL forum, R/C, and others
@ Singapore CL Aeromodeling Group See what people on the other side of the world are doing