B T/R2001 "B" Team Race
The 2001 Nats "B" Team Race event will be run using the following rules. The
NCLRA did not make these rules.  ALL COMMENTS should be directed to Bob Whitney,
(address at the bottom). Bob Whitney is the ED for this event, and as such has
come up with the following rules.
1. Airplanes are to have 125sq.in. outside of the fuselage. (No flying wings, or
Pod and Boom).
2. Fuselage must measure 2" wide, 3-3/4" from the top of the pilots head to the
bottom of the Fuselage.
3. Two Wheels with a minimum of 1-1/2" diamater.
4. 1 oz maximum tank.
5. Shutoff required.
6. Must look like a 1940's, 50's, or 60's BTR. But does not have to be a
particular airplane from that era. Individual designs are permitted. Award for
Best Appearance.
7. Lines are to be .015 braided, and be 60' +/- 6".
8. Fuel is open, Supply your own.
9. Engines are to be a loop scavanged single by-pass .29 or any engine up to a
10. Top Speed is to be 100MPH (18 sec).
11. Exceeding the 100MPH speed will result in a penalty being assesed. Penalty
will be a mandatory pitstop.
12. Races are to be 35 laps, 70 laps, and 140 laps.
13. Tanks will be checked prior to the event.
Any and all comments should be directed to:
Bob Whitney
456 Garvey Rd. SW.
Palm Bay, FL 32908
321-676-0554 (home)