The winners, from left to right, 1st place Wayne Trivin, 2nd Julio Isidro with pitman Dennis Ward, 3rd Paul Haley and pitman Hilary Kaun
Wayne Trivin's original model using a MDS .28 turned a 7:25.29 for 1st place and, was also the concors winner
Julio Isidro took 2nd with a time of 7:34.53 using a modified Enya .29
Paul Haley used an ETA .29 to complete 63 laps for 3rd place
Dennis Ward's model used an Enya .29
Bob Whitney's original model used a OS FX .25
Jim Holland's entry, Good News
Another Good News by Dave Betz
John Jones used a ETA .29 in his entry
Tom Wilks model