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NCLRA Competition Event Rules

Now you can view and print rules for many of the events we fly. Simply click on the event name, and you will have the rules. We hope to have soon the line size chart and pull test info with each event. So please check back.

AMA Rules
NCLRA Fox Racing  /  Super Slow Rat
Quickie Rat
NCLRA Flying Clown
Local Rule Sets
Note: these rules are here for your convenience only. They are NOT NCLRA rules.
Any and all questions of them should be directed to the locations where they are flown.
New Jersey 1 Ounce Goodyear
Dallas Sport Goodyear
Wichita Sport Goodyear
Dallas Goldberg (aka FoxBerg)
Wichita Goldberg (aka FoxBerg)
FAI F2F Rules
NOTE: This is a pdf file and you will need Adobe Reader or similar.
This file is was created by manually extracting the rules from
the FAI Sporting Code for 2011. These are NOT THE
OFFICIAL RULES! You must visit the FAI web site for the
absolute current rules.