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  1. Applicability.All rules from the unified Control Line Racing Rules apply to this event, except as modified, appended, or specified herein.
  2. Model Specifications.
    1. Airplanes must be a model of an actual Goodyear racer or Formula I racer and must be of the profile fuselage type. The engine must not be cowled in.
    2. The model must have a minimum consistent scale of one and onehalf (1 1/2) inches to the foot (1/8 scale). All scales must be within a plus or minus 5% for the top and side profile views, with the exception of the stabilizer area and the fuselage width. (This allows for profile type models). Models which appear to comply with this tolerance upon rudimentary inspection need not be further checked except in case of dispute.
      1. Stab area may be increased up to 25% of the wing area, but must maintain scale configuration.
      2. The landing gear must be of the same configuration as the actual aircraft, e.g. two separated struts, and must exit from the scale location but may be longer, higher, or swept forward. (wheel pants are optional).
      3. Cowls or "apple cheeks" as used on the full-size aircraft are recommended but not required.
    3. The model must have a scale-like paint scheme not necessarily the same color, but representative of full-scale racers.
      1. The scale canopy outline may be clear or painted a contrasting color.
      2. Model must have racing numbers on the fuselage and on the upper left wing.
      3. The contestant's AMA number should appear as part of the scale-like license number on the upper right wing. It may be preceded by "N" at the contestant's option.
    4. The following major components of the engine must have been designed and produced by the original manufacturer for the specific engine in quantities of at least 1,000: the complete crankcase including front and rear ends and the upper and lower portions, if detachable or split, the crankshaft, cylinder ('sleeve.) and piston. The crankshaft shall be supported by plain sleeve bearings only, with one exception. See note one.
    5. Only one fuel tank is allowed containing both fuel and lubricant, with a maximum capacity of one ounce. The outside diameter of the pickup, vent, and fill tubes of the tank shall not be over 1/8 inch.
    6. No hot gloves will be allowed.
    7. Fuel type shall be 10% nitro, castor oil base fuel supplied by the contest management.
  3. Races.
    1. Each contestant shall be allowed one race of 160 laps in length.
    2. The race shall be run with no less than two fliers and no more than three fliers.
  4. Flying Regulations.
    1. All flying shall be done between 6 and 20 feet altitude.
  5. Field Layout.
    1. The inner circle shall be 58-ft. radius.
    2. The outer circle shall be 68-ft. radius.

NOTE ONE: The Fox .15BB can be used in lieu of the plain bearing engine.


Engine Size
(cu. in.)


Line Length

Required Minimum Diameter of Each Line

Single Strand



1 Line

2 Lines

3 Lines

2 Lines

3 Lines


4 lbs







25 lbs