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NCLRA Fox Race

AMA Unified Racing Rules to apply along with AMA Safety Provisions with the following exceptions.

Airplane: The wing must have minimum area of 300 and a minimum thickness of 1 inch when measured at any point along the span, with the exception of the last 2 inches before each tip. Additionally the airplane must have a minimum length of 22 inches when measured from the thrust washer to the hinge line of the elevator. In board cheek cowls are permitted. Airplane must ROG, one wheel configurations permitted. Airplanes are to be of the profile type.

Engine: Box stock Stunt Fox 35. Only permitted alterations are: Needle Valve/Spray Bar, different bolts may be used. No metal may be removed or added. No hemi heads, button heads stuffer back plates etc. Engines must be stock. The top three finishers in the event shall have their engines undergo a mandatory technical inspection. Backplates and cylinder heads shall be removed, and the engine shall be visually inspected for any modifications not allowed by current rules. Any entrant found to be in violation shall be disqualified. Any decision made by the event director shall be final.

Props: Propellers are to be either 9-6 or 9-7 wood or plastic, commercially available. The only rework permitted is balancing.

Lines: 60 ft length +/- 6" as measured. .015" minimum diameter braided only, no solids. [ Four-strand, brass plated lines of nominal .0145" diameter, such as those marketed by "", are specifically disallowed. ] Pull test of 35#.

Fuel System: 2oz tank Max. No pressure, vents may be directed forward. Fuel must enter tank through 1/8 diameter tubing.

Races: Races are to be 100 laps 2 pitstops required. Races should be flown 3 up. Event director may run heat races if desired. Heat races shall be 100 lap 2 pits with the top times advancing to the finals. Two heat races are suggested. The final shall be 100 laps with 2 pits.

Prohibited equipment: Hot fingers, Shutoffs, Fastfills.

Other Notes: The event director may disqualify any entrant who is not in keeping with the spirit or intent of this racing event.


(Version: 01/06/2021)