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Plans for Racing Models

There are several repositories for plans scattered around the internet. Here is another. The thing that we hope makes this one special is that it is desicated to models that are used for CL Racing purposes. Some will be identified as, arguably, the best for an event. (Obviously that will be the opinion of NCLRA Management!).

It is also quite obvious that this section will be of little value unless those of you who have a model with plans available are willing to submit them. If you have a model and plans please send them to the . They will be reviewed and added if deemed useful and appropriate.

Don Burke has designed and built an F2CN called "daBlob". I am sure Don has a story to tell about that name! daBlob by Don Burke

AMA Scale Race was originally known as "Goodyear Race" and was first championed in the 60's by John Kilsdonk. The event became widely popular and was a main-stay of CL Racing competition for many years.

Active in that time was the Michigan Model Airplane Association, and they had a widely circulated newsletter as well as other publications. One such has come to light recently and will be of interest to those who might still be interested in Scale Race ("Goodyear") in one or another of its current forms. Here is a collection of 3-views for many Goodyear and Formula I racers that existed then.

Many variations of Goodyear have evolved over the years, typically characterized as "Sport Goodyear". One popular variant now (2017) is the Dallas Sport Goodyear (rules available under the "Rules" link). Here are plans for several Sport GY models:

Always looking for a neat shut-off, here is Stu Willoughby's design that has been used for many years.