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2013 NATs Information

Please review this information. It will also appear in your NATs entry packet.

NATs policy:
The NATs policy in effect:
"A participant in competition as a non-flying helper Mechanic Information must be registered as a mechanic."

"All participants and/or pilots in any official or unofficial NATS Event(s) must be registered with NATS as either a NATS Competitor or Mechanic."

This means if you come to the NATs only for the non-rulebook events, you will still be required to register with NATs Headquarters. If you enter official events as well, you will automatically be covered as a "competitor", but if all you enter is non-rulebook events, you must still register.

NATs Schedule:
July 15-18, 2012
Monday July 15
Tuesday July 16
Scale Race
Super Slow Rat
Fox Race
Wednesday July 17
Slow Rat
NCLRA Clown Race (See special rules)
Thursday July 18
Rat Race
Class I Mouse
NCLRA Quickie Rat

NCLRA Banquet:
The NCLRA Banquet and meeting will be held Thursday, July 18, 7 p.m. at the TBDL.
Special rules
  1. All events will be flown by the official AMA and NCLRA rules except as noted below.
  2. Processing will occur immediately preceding each event.
  3. Clown Race will require 60' (+/- 6") .015" braided lines. Shut-offs have always been allowed for emergency safety use, but for this NATs may be used during the race.

Fuel for all events where fuel is regulated will be 10% Nitro and 20% synthetic/castor oil blend. Fuel with 20% all castor oil will be provided for Fox Race. Fuel will be generously supplied by XXXX.
The circles are open for general practice on a first come first serve basis at the conclusion of each day's events, and in the morning prior to the close of processing. The official circle will be closed for practice when competition begins.

Note: Practice for the next day's events always has priority on the circles.

The site will NOT be available for practice on the weekend before the NATs until after official flying for the RC events and CL Scale have been completed.

Rules Enforcement:
You MUST familiarize yourself with the current AMA CL Racing rules. They may be found on the AMA web site.

Specific items to note:

  • There is an Outer Circle and an Inner Circle for each event. During a race, pitmen may NOT cross the Inner Circle without the express permission of the Event Director! All pitting activities MUST take place outside of the Outer Circle.
  • You will be disqualified from the race if at ANY TIME the pilot steps outside of the Pitting Circle while his model is moving and not in the control of the pitman.
  • All pitmen will be required to wear a helmet when involved in pitting activities.
  • Flying heights as well as the maximum heights for passing were revised starting in 2007. Please familiarize yourself with these rules!
  • Penalties when given will be an added time penalty equivalent to three laps for the event in question. (This is now an AMA rule.)

In addition, pilots MUST observe proper circle etiquette when landing and taking off:

  • AMA rules require that during the start or any pit stop, the pilot MUST be bent over with their handle somewhere between the knee and the ankle.
  • When taking off, a pilot MUST join the other pilots in the center of the circle immediately. It is essential that a pilot taking off NOT stand erect and stop somewhere out away from the other pilots!
It goes without saying that whipping and blocking and back-siding and any other flagrant pilot activity will be penalized, whether it affects another pilot or not.
Counting and Timing:
As in years past you will be required to help out with the counting and timing responsibilities. Failure to help will result in no time for you in that event.
NCLRA NATs Racing Champion:
The NCLRA NATs Champion will be determined as follows.
  • You may acquire points in all racing events. However, your 4 best will be used to determine your placing. You will receive points based on your placing in an event based on number of entries in that event: if there are "N" entries, first place will receive "N" points, second will receive "N-1", etc.
  • You must be a member of the NCLRA to participate in this award.
  • This award is an NCLRA award, and has nothing to do with any AMA awards.

NATs Schedule

Special Rules and other stuff
Quickie Rat B T/R
Clown Race F2CN
Fox Race Super Slow Rat