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Fall Finale 2018

On the surface, this should be a report of disappointment. Friday's practice was rained on, Saturday's events were a total washout, and we only had time to run three events on Sunday. Even without considering that some contestants travelled over 1000 miles to attend, this is not the stuff great contests are made of. At least not usually...
Everyone seemed to have a great time. With plenty of opportunity to eat, drink, and visit with old (and new) friends, the social aspect of the weekend made up for what the competition didn't have. To me, it felt very much like a NATS reunion, without any of the "us versus them" attitude you might have at a big contest. This contest was all "us"; there was no "them".
And just who was "us"? In no particular order, we had Bob Oge and Tim Stone from Illinois, Doug Mayer, Bob Kerr, Bill Cave and Lee Letchworth from California, Charles Barnes from Georgia, Paul Gibeault and Les Akre from Alberta, Canada, and representing Texas we had Bill Lee, John McCollum, Jed Kusik, Chuck Barnes, Patrick Hempel, Mike Greb and myself. (Unfortunately, John and Jed had their events cancelled and didn't fly.)
Also noteworthy, we had seven past and present NCLRA high point award winners. Besides the winners who are no longer active, the only one missing was Bob Whitney. Bob wanted to attend, but simply could not make the trip. Maybe next year, Bob!
Of course, contests can't happen without officials. I would like to particularly thank John McCollum, Sandra Lee and Phil Dunlap for timing, David Russum for timing and taking pictures, and Charles Barnes for timing when he wasn't racing. You can't have a contest without contestants either, so thanks to each and every one of you for attending. I look forward to doing it again next year.

QUICKIE RAT 70 laps 140 laps
1)Les Akre 3:03.86 6:19.?
2)Bill Lee 3:07.81 6:20.92
3)Bill Cave 3:05.27 36 laps
4)Doug Mayer 3:09.87
5)Bob Kerr 3:13.28
6)Chuck Barnes 3:17.87
7)Bill Bischoff 3:19.08
8)Bob Oge 3:19.32
9)Tim Stone 3:22.41
10)Paul Gibeault 3:22.47
11)Lee Letchworth 3:22.84
12)Charles Barnes 3:42.76

1)Les Akre 5:29.49
2)Bob Oge 5:40.73
3)Mike Greb 5:48.98
4)Doug Mayer 5:50.02 (Fox 35)
5)Charles Barnes 5:57.56
6)Tim Stone 6:07.63
7)Bill Lee 6:18.71
8)Chuck Barnes 6:59.35
9)Bill Cave 77 laps

SPORT GOODYEAR 80 laps 160 laps
1)Bill Lee 4:05.80 8:31.60
2)Mike Greb 4:16.82 9:00.89
3)Les Akre 4:14.06 9:23.84
4)Bill Bischoff 4:17.66
5)Tim Stone 4:20.22
6)Bob Oge 4:21.75
7)Patrick Hempel 4:27.32
8)Charles Barnes 4:29.06
9)Chuck Barnes 4:30.83
10)Paul Gibeault 4:33.44
11)Bill Cave 4:40.43
12)Doug Mayer 68 laps

Photos by David Russum