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2017 Bob Gieseke Memorial

Bill Bischoff

The turnout was light, with Bill Lee otherwise occupied and the Barnes team AWOL. That being said, it was great to see John McCollum racing again, and it's always a pleasure to have Melvin and Brenda join us from Kansas. Patrick Hempel flew for Melvin and himself, and I flew for John, Mike Greb, and myself.

John McCollum had a brand new mouse, modeled after a British P-40. It was beautiful and fast, and I was honored to fly it in its first contest. Plane, pilot, and pit man all did their part for the win. Melvin turned a good performance in his first race, then didn't finish his second race. Mike and Patrick had consistency issues, as reflected by their times.

We had an interesting situation in Goldberg racing. Patrick had a slight overrun, and was on the ground for his last pitstop at 141 laps. McCollum was also on the ground, with 137 laps. McCollum got back up and finished the race before Patrick got back up to make one more lap. All agreed McCollum was the winner, but after the race mcCollum's watch was 10:40 and Patrick's was 10:32! With no explanation to be found, we decided it didn't really matter anyway.

Sportsman Goodyear should have been the battle of the BooRays. Melvin was flying a model of the original version of the BooRay, with the "barn door" wing. Bill Bischoff was flying the late 1980's version, that featured a long span tapered wing. We should have raced them together, but it didn't work out that way. Melvin and Patrick had a handle mis-adjustment issue that cost them a prop, but fortunately not an airplane. Melvin did a great job pitting Patrick's airplane, and I believe he had a four flip race! Mike Greb used Bill Bischoff's first race to zero in on a needle setting, helping Bill capture the win on his second race.

MOUSE 100 laps
1)John McCollum 4:49.86 (5:04.12)
2)Melvin Schuette 5:32.22 (30 laps)
3)Mike Greb 6:10.91 (6:15.09)
4)Patrick Hempel 6:19.72 (6 laps)

GOLDBERG 140 laps 70 laps
1)John McCollum ? 6:50.22
2)Patrick Hempel ? 5:23.44

1)Bill Bischoff 8:43.48 (9:27.78)
2)Patrick Hempel 8:50.87 (9:14.76)
3)Mike Greb 8:58.25 ( DNF )
4)Melvin Schuette a few laps ( DNF )

Pictures by Johnna McCollum