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2017 spring warm up

Friday was F2C day, and as it turns out, the only day we were able to fly because of high winds. The Biscuits and Gravy team and the Hempel/ Lee team both flew old reliable (Translation: slow and expendable) models, and completed three good races without incident. Biscuits and Gravy improved a bit on each time, with a 3:57, a 3:51, and a 3:47. Hempel and Lee were slightly faster, but experienced some unreilable initial starts to record a pair of 4:00 times. Their last race was a very close 3:48.

The real surprise was the third team , made up of Jeff Gitchell and Mike Giroir just for this contest. Although neither has much F2C experience, their performance was not to be believed. Jeff was never in the wrong place in the circle. No problems with blocking or getting behind center, it was like Jeff wasn't even there in the center. Mike had no wasted motion. He never had to move to catch an airplane, and there was no unnecessary prop flipping. Although they finished their races in no time, they were not able to record scores due to a minor technicality. I'd certainly like to see them have another go in October.