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Larry Dziak Memorial Sportsmanship Award.

The National Control Line Racing Association presents each year the Larry Dziak Memorial Sportsmanship Award.

Larry Dziak Sr. was a serious competitor, gentleman, and promoter of the sport of Control Line Racing. The National Control Line Racing Association can give no higher honor than by naming a prestigious award in behalf of a fellow competitor, and friend.

Previous winners of the Larry Dziak Sportsmanship Award:
1994 Jerry Meyer
1995 Melvin Schuette
1996 Dave McDonald
1997 Jim Ricketts
1998 Lari Dziak
1999 John Ballard
2000 James Ricketts
2001 Marcia Matson
2002 Steve Wilk

At the NATs in 2003, one of our long-time racing competitors, Jerry Meyer, died of a massive heart attack. As you can see from the list above. Jerry was the first recipient of the Sportsmanship award.

This year, it was decided that this award would be made once again to Jerry Meyer, and that it would be retired and permanently given to Jerry's family. So we may add to the list above:

2003 Jerry Meyer

Fly fast, Jerry, and may all your pit stops be fast. We all miss you.


Starting in 2004, the annual Sportsmanship Award has been named in Jerry's honor. Proudly, we presented it in 2004 to two guys who spent most of their NATs week timing and helping. They were always there, always willing to pick up a watch and a counter, and always with a smile and a good word.

2004 Bud Brautlecht
John David King
2005 Tim Stone
2006 David Betz
2007 Bob Whitney
2008 Sandra Lee
Zella Betz
2009 Ralph Aaberg
2010 Zella Betz
2011 Dave Betz
2012 Jim Bradley
Jim Demeritte
2013 Mike Greb
2014 Andrew and Don Robinson, New Zealand
2015 Mark Knight
2016 Bill Bischoff, for flying EVERY race of the NATs!
2017 Melvin Schuette
2018 Bill Lee
2019 Bob Whitney
2020 Mike Greb
2021 Ron Duly
2022 Tim Stone, for giving up his racing to run it for everyone else!
2023 Ron Duly


NCLRA Hall of Fame:

In 1996 the Control Line Racing Hall of Fame was established by the NCLRA. The Hall of Fame's purpose is to forever recognize those before us who have contributed to the development, promotion, and betterment of control line racing. Membership is in the Hall of Fame is not limited to NCLRA members. Membership is conducted by first a nomination process, then reveiw by a committee. Nominees that receive induction into the Hall of Fame will be announced and inducted at the NCLRA annual meeting at each Nationals. It is with pleasure that we list below the names of inductees into the Control Line Racing Hall of Fame.

1996 Larry "Wiz" Dziak Sr.
1997 Dr. Laird Jackson
1998 Harold Lambert
1999 Henry Nelson
2001 Vic Garner
John McCollum
2002 John Kilsdonk
John Ballard
2005 Wayne Trivin
Jim Ricketts
2006 George Hubschmidt
2007 Herb Stockton
Don Jehlik
2009 Dave McDonald
Bill Lee
2010 Dick Lambert
2018 Bill Bischoff
Bob Whitney

Here is the document that describes the HoF process.

NCLRA Nationals points champion award.

2001 Wayne Trivin
2002 Bob Christ
2003 Mike Greb
2004 Bill Cave
2005 Jim Holland
2006 Russ Green
2007 Bob Whitney
2008 Bill Lee
2009 Bob Whitney
2010 Tim Stone
2011 Les Akre
2012 Bill Lee
2013 Bill Lee
2014 Bob Oge
2015 Bill Bischoff
2016 Bill Lee
2017 Bill Lee
2018 Bill Bischoff
2019 Mike Greb
2020 Mike Greb
2021 Mike Greb
2022 Bill Lee
2023 Bill Lee