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National Control Line Racing Association Hall of Fame

A National Control Line Racing Association sponsored Award of Recognition for outstanding contributions to the event of Control Line Racing.

Any individual, Regardless of membership in NCLRA, AMA or any other affiliated group may be nominated for consideration for the NCLRA Hall of Fame.

The individual shall have contributed significantly to the Racing event as a competitor, designer, administrator, author, promoter, technician, or manufacturer.

Nomination Procedure:
Nominations shall be open from January to April only. Any NCLRA member in good standing may nominate an individual or individuals. A maximum of two (2) will be inducted at the NCLRA Nationals Banquet.

All nominations must be in writing and must include a short biography of the individual(s) nominated which highlights that person's achievements and/or contributions to the event of control line racing.

All nominations must be postmarked no later than April 30th.

All nominations shall be distributed to all the Officers of the NCLRA plus an at large member. A simple majority of votes is necessary for a nominee to qualify for recognition in the NCLRA Hall of Fame.

A person inducted into the NCLRA Hall of Fame shall receive an individual plaque highlighting their achievement. A permanent NCLRA Hall of Fame display shall be maintained by the NCLRA at the AMA Museum in Muncie, Indiana.

Send To:
All nominations must be sent to:
NCLRA President
NCLRA Hall of Fame Committee
1809 Melody Ln
Garland, TX 75042