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Larry Dziak Sportsmanship Award

The Larry Dziak Sportsmanship award is an annual award given to the person who best represents the spirit of competition displayed by the late Larry Dziak.

Larry Dziak was a fierce competitor who gave entirely and freely to help all who would need regardless be they competitor or friend. Larry worked tirelessly to promote and further control line racing through discussion of ideas thoughts and deeds. A sense of fair play guided his actions; always concerned for the integrity of the hobby the tenacity in which he competed never impeded other competitors.

Larry passed away at the 1993 Nationals while competing; doing that which he loved the most. Competing, helping others and providing lively discussion and thoughts. It is that spirit which is to be recognized and remembered always

The award shall be presented at the annual meeting of the NCLRA at the Nationals Banquet. The award shall be named as; The Larry Dziak Sportsmanship Award. The award process and award decision shall rest exclusively with the family of Larry Dziak all such decisions are final and may not be appealed. The family reserves the right to designate a friend of the family to preside and decide the award at the family's discretion.

The individual who earns the award shall be the person who at the AMA Nationals who:

  • Is tireless in promotion, discussion and advancement of Control Line Racing
  • Gives of their time and resources freely to help other competitors regardless of their status or need
  • Displays the highest sense of fair play and integrity
  • Competes with tenacity and does not give up despite the circumstances

The award winner shall have his name and year earned, engraved and affixed to the trophy. The trophy shall be in the possession of the winner for a period of one year and must be returned at the beginning of official competition at the Nationals to be re-awarded at the banquet the following year.